Sylvae Elves are the mysterious, tattooed inhabitants of the Jungles of Vinegully. They keep true to the ancient Elven

traditions, living one with nature. Sylvae Elves are raised to respect nature, and to treat it equally and without waste.

Physical Description Edit

Slightly tan-skinned Elves who populate the Jungles of Vinegully. They tend to be taller than most Humans, and have slightly shorter, pointy ears than their Elven counterparts. All Sylvae Elves have a graceful and slender figure, but can still be powerful. They are born with either brown, ginger, green, or black hair, and have round eyes with intense coloration.

Society Edit

Sylvae Elves are peaceful by nature. They believe in living peacefully with the other races, and not overly harming nature. Sylvae Elves waste nothing they harvest from nature, and use every part of the plant or animal. When maturing to adulthood, all Sylvae Elves are tattooed, as part of a trial, with the symbols of their clan and magical runes symbols representing their favorite parts about nature. They prefer to stay in their Jungles and guard it from outsiders instead of traversing the world.

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