The Troll Wars were a series of conflicts between the forest trolls of the An'manti Empire and an alliance of the humans and elves of Thalamus

Troll Wars

Troll Wars magi
Location: Zeth'gru
Provocation: Rapid expanision of An'manti lands

Outcome: Decisive Human-Elven victory

  • Destruction of the An'manti Empire
  • Autherian Empire
  • Kingdom of Thalamus
An'manti Empire †
Commanders and leaders
  • King Agenor the Trollslayer
    • Chief Rovinar
    • Lokrar†
    • The Wizard Melvarnus
  • Sathrun Kal'storm
Za'tho †
  • Elven and human armies
  • Over Twenty thousand humans
  • "Tens of thousands" of Forest trolls
  • Hundreds of allied Ogres & Satyr
Casualties and losses
  • Moderate for the elves,
  • Light to moderate for humans
  • Massive, empire destroyed

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