Physical Description Edit

An elderly half-elf with white hair; reaching at shoulder-length and at times worn in a ponytail by a contingency clip which rests at the back of his neck. A full beard vies with its wearer's ragged clothes in looking old and worse for wear.

Standing tall at 1.9 meters and best described as gaunt and thoughtful, he is quick to offer a warm smile to most people. He has a weathered face, dancing gray-green eyes that hold a penetrating gaze, and usually speaks in a gruff tone.

Personality Edit

By all accounts, Valven is a skilled actor. Most often he is a charming and witty man, but he can also be imperious and stern if he deems such behaviour necessary. As he has grown older, Valven has become more whimsical, given to sudden impulses and doing things not expected of his age. He is not aggressive, but is intrepid, and will fight if crossed, threatened, or attacked.

He thoroughly enjoys imparting wisdom to others, but has a particular dislike for giving up the time necessary to train other mages, and rarely undertakes such tutelage for those with whom he is not friendly or to whom he's not beholden. Drawing upon centuries of experience, Valven is no stranger to direct confrontations, but nevertheless prefers to work behind the scenes to prevent widespread disaster from taking place.

These days Valven rarely travels Azeroth (although it is apparent that he once traveled the lands extensively), preferring to explore other planes of existence. When he does travel, it is usually in the disguise afforded by altered appearance through magic, or under cover of invisibility. Valven travels to acquire information; his great love is the discovery of the long forgotten, or of creatures and magic entirely new to him, such as local tribal rituals and the like. Thoroughly changed by all he has seen and done, Valven has up to this point led a long and vibrant life, and is as usual up to about three score "somethings" at any time.

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